Cumbrian couple welcome Female Friendly Bike Shop status

Paul and Kat Clow, owners of bike boutique Eden-e-Motion in Hartley, Kirkby Stephen.

An independent, Cumbrian business, Eden-e-Motion has been designated a Female Friendly Bike Shop by the Association of Cycle Traders.

Electric bike boutique

The largest cycle trade organisation in the UK is recognising the efforts of owners Kat and her husband Paul Clow, who ensure women who visit their electric bike ‘boutique’, on the edge of the Pennines receive the best service when looking for a new bike.

Personal cycling experience

Kat explained: “My own personal experience of cycling was as a child in Finland. We would cycle anywhere – that was the way to get around. When we moved to Cumbria and decided to take up cycling, I must admit the beautiful rugged hills did make cycling much more challenging. When I tried an electric bike it brought back the pleasure of cycling for me.

Mechanics of cycling

“Paul has been interested in the mechanics of cycling – as a schoolboy he liked dismantling and building his own bikes. 

“When we opened the shop, customer service was the priority for both of us – we are here to help the novice rider as much as the experienced cyclist find exactly the right e-bike for them.

Cycling returner

“As a recent returner to cycling, I understand how daunting it can be looking for the right bike. Paul and I aim to take that anxiety away and replace it with support and advice to help you get your perfect e-bike that will get you happily on the road.”

Paul added: “We are a small independent bike shop, who pride ourselves in giving advice and opinion and making sure the client invests in the right e-bike based on their needs and riding style.

Passionate about e-biking

“We are passionate about e-bikes and have carefully selected our suppliers by experience and recommendation. Like us, they are approachable companies who care about the product and their customers.

 “Riding an e-bike isn’t hard but does require some basic cycling ability. Customers don’t need to worry if they are out of practice . We are in the quietest spot imaginable with all the hills and terrain they will ever encounter. We’ll ride with them until their confidence builds and they can get the best from their prospective purchase.

Straight forward advice

 “We provide straight forward advice and have a great range of women’s bikes and accessories. From helping to find the right model to making personalized ebikes and provide great ongoing care with servicing and technical support – we are here for the long ride with our customers. 

“Being recognised as a Female Friendly Bike Shop we hope we can reassure women who want to get back in the saddle or upgrade their current bicycle that Kat and I are here to help.”

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