Shap Chippy wins second award in two weeks

Shap Chippy in Shap has been named as one of the UK’s Top 50 Best Fish & Chip Takeaways – one of only 2 fish & chips shops in Cumbria make the prestigious list.

Frying Magazine accolade

The accolade follows an extensive search by leading trade publication Fry Magazine to find those takeaways serving up the finest fish suppers.

Second award in two weeks

Co-owner of Shap Chippy, Matt Phillips says: “This is now our 2nd award in under two weeks we are so excited!!” 

Cumbria’s best Fish & Chip Shop 2019

Last week Shap Chippy claimed Cumbria’s Best Fish and Chip Shop 2019 Award, thanks to England’s Business Awards. These awards are nominated for and voted by the general public, then the shop is mystery shopped to make sure that the food, hygiene standards and customer service really are the best. Shap Chippy are already in the finals for the UKs best Fish and Chip Shop 2019 which will be held later this year in York.

50 Best Fish & Chip Shops – customer service food quality & cleanliness

In this latest award, to be in the 50 Best Takeaways, Shap Chippy had to impress a mystery diner who visited unannounced and marked the chippy on over 40 aspects of their business from the quality of the food and customer service to cleanliness and value for money.

Mystery diner 100% satisfaction

With the pass mark set high at 97%, Shap Chippy scored an impressive 100% with the mystery diner particularly praising the amazing food quality.

Reece Head, competition organiser, comments: “The eating out market is more competitive than ever and you can no longer just open your doors and expect a regular trade; the focus has to be on offering a quality product that’s consistent, accompanied by exceptional customer service in clean, inviting surroundings.”

Adding value for customers

“Our 50 Best Takeaways hit the mark on all these aspects day in, day out by buying the best ingredients, filtering their oil every day, sourcing the right packaging, training their staff and investing back into their premises. This all comes at a price, but these shops see the value it adds and it was makes them stand out.”

Industry raising and setting new standards

“We are proud of all the winners and the efforts they go to not only to raise standards in our industry but to set new ones too. The industry is so much more professional than it ever has been because of shops like those in our 50 Best who go the extra mile.”

Amazing team effort

“Again we couldn’t have achieved this without the support of our amazing team who deliver the best product, quality and service every single time” says co-owner Ashley Phillips.

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